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As a Jesuit parish community, animated by the spirit of St. Ignatius, we welcome ALL to share in the joy of the Gospel and to come to"know, love and serve" God and one another.

Siendo una comunidad parroquial jesuita, animada por el espiritu de san Ignacio, les damos a TODOS la bienvenida para compartir la alegria del evangelio y para "conocer, amar y servir" a Dios y a nuestros hermanos.

We Value: 

●  Nourishing Liturgy​ – We aspire to provide forms of worship, through word, music and sacraments, that feed the heart, mind, body, and soul. 

●  Inclusive Community​ – We strive to build a community of faith that is welcoming to ALL

●  Ignatian Spirituality​ – As a Jesuit Catholic parish, we are guided by the practices of the Society of Jesus, in which we seek “God in all things.” 

●  Education​ – We facilitate the formation of our people’s faith through their lifespan. 

●  Social Justice ​– We act in the world as people with and for others by promoting human dignity, seeking to right injustices, and protecting our shared home. 

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