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Congratulations on your engagement! 

As a  parish community, we are here to help guide you in making your wedding a memorable and holy day. Marriages are celebrated throughout the year and are open to all, regardless of parish membership. 

Who Plans Your Wedding? 

The Bride and Groom.

To help assure that the couple experience the fullness of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, our parish policy is to communicate directly with only the bride and groom. This helps to ensure the integrity of the marriage process. We respectfully refrain, therefore, from responding to questions or requests from parents, wedding planners or any third parties, even if delegated by the couple. 


In advance of the wedding liturgy, couples meet with their presider to begin the planning process. They will receive literature to peruse and select the readings, prayers, and music that reflect their faith in God and each other, as they take their first steps in married life.

Options for Marriage at St. Ignatius of Loyola 

Nuptial Mass: Marriage within the celebration of the Eucharist 

The celebration of marriage between two Catholics may be celebrated within the Nuptial Mass which includes the celebration of the Eucharist.

Wedding Ceremony: Marriage as a ceremony without a Eucharist 

Two Catholics may also choose to celebrate their marriage outside of the Eucharistic celebration. For a marriage between two Christians, where only one is Catholic, the celebration of marriage without a Eu­charist is encouraged. The celebration of marriage without a Eucharist is also encouraged for the marriage of a Catholic and one who has not been baptized. 


A couple married in a civil ceremony may later wish to enter into a valid Catholic marriage. When they are ready to do so, they celebrate what is called a con-validation or the blessing of a marriage. It is important to realize that a con-validation is not merely a renewal of vows made previously, but is a new act of consent. This con-validation of marriage may be celebrated within Mass or outside of Mass, again depending on the particular circumstances of the couple.

Presiding at Your Wedding

A St. Ignatius deacon or priest will be assigned to your wedding. You are also welcomed to have a deacon or priest of your choosing to perform your wedding. Paperwork will be required for presiders who are not Massachusetts residents.

Scheduling your Wedding

Your wedding date and time should be made at least six months in advance, and is subject to availability. 

Saturday weddings are scheduled at 11am, 1:30pm, or 5:30pm. Fridays and weekdays are also available. 


Fall dates may be affected by Boston College football games. The schedule is typically not published until January of the season year. 

You have the use of the church for a total of 2 hours on your wedding day, beginning 30 minutes before your Mass/Ceremony. 

Rehearsals for weekend weddings are typically held on the Thursday or Friday of that weekend at 4pm, 5pm, or 6pm, subject to availability.

Availability depends on the need for a presider from St. Ignatius and whether you prefer a Wedding Ceremony or Nuptial Mass (see details below).

Fees & Cancellation

The church fee is $1200 and must be paid in full within two weeks of your inquiry day to guarantee your requested date and time. This fee includes: 

  • All preparations and official filing 

  • Reserved rehearsal time with our Wedding Coordinator

  • Two hours of reserved time for the wedding and photographs 

Music Fee

There is an additional music fee of $475, which includes an Organist and Cantor. The music fee should be paid in full two weeks before the date of your wedding. Additional musicians are also available for an added fee.

Date Cancellation

If you cancel your confirmed date and have paid in full, a refund of $600 will be issued.  Any paid music fees will be refunded. 


Please review our wedding brochure and contact Carol Russo when you are ready or want to review dates.

See the video below for important information for guests attending your wedding who require elevator assistance

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