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P, J, & R Commission

The Green Team welcomes and invites all to join in living out the Laudato Si' Pledge and being the yeast that will foster ecological conversion for the parish.  The Team meets regularly via Zoom to identify ways it can infuse hearing the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor in the liturgy, in work with other parish commissions and the parish at large. The Laudato Si' Circle also offers an opportunity to be together and share  journeys through readings and discussion.  Being a Jesuit Parish, this year the Green Team is celebrating the 500th year of St. Ignatius' “cannonball moment” and learning how creation nurtured St. Ignatius' ongoing conversion and hopefully the conversion of all. The Green Team’s yeast will expand with the ideas from all!  To join, please contact Michael Sennett at

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What is Laudato Si'?

Pope Francis' 2015 encyclical challenges the global church to embark on a journey of renewal — a journey that heals our fractured relationships with Creator, Creation and each other. Read it here.

What is the Laudato Si' Action Plan (LSAP)?

Laudato Si’ Action Plans (LSAP) are outlines of tangible actions that meet the seven Laudato Si’ Goals. Each community develops their own plan according to its specific needs.


Fr. Joe committed our parish to the seven year process in the fall of 2021.


The goals of a LSAP are:

Respond to the Cry of the Earth

Respond to the Cry of the Poor

Support Ecological Economies

Adopt Sustainable Lifestyles

Develop Ecological Education

Foster Ecological Spiritualities

Encourage Community Resilience & Empowerment


For more information on LSAP,

visit this website.

Laudato Si' Action Plan 
Journeying Together to a Sustainable Community

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