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Outreach Ministries

Jesus embraced and worked for the dignity of every person.  He was sent to proclaim God’s favor for all people and to announce good news to the poor, the prisoners, the sick and wounded and victims of war and oppression.  He asked his neighbors to join him in this mission, to become active disciples, to reach out and comfort the alienated and marginalized and to empower those who have nothing. Many said yes; others were overcome by fear or greed and turned on him. We have the same choice.

Our community of faith at St. Ignatius strives to say yes—this is the mission of our Outreach Ministries Commission. We reach out to those whose needs are greatest, work against injustice, and support those who live with poverty, hunger, and suffering.


Come work with us!  We support a variety of opportunities for you to get involved with:

Work to alleviate poverty and homelessness

Help children and families in the Boston area

Bring a smile and a prayer and Communion

Minister to the homebound members of our Parish.

Share with our elders

Join with us to organize and serve at parish events for our senior parishioners.

Like what you've read? Call or email Sr. Diane Vallerio at 617-552-6107 or We'll sign you up! We have lots of options, whether you can commit to a one-time event or ongoing efforts.

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