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First Communion

Our First Reconciliation and First Communion preparation program is open to students in Grade 2 and above and is conducted in both English and Spanish. The expectation is that a child entering this program has been baptized and has already participated in at least one year of Faith Formation. If your child has not yet been baptized, please contact Andrea Miller, Director of Faith Formation at or 617-552-6103 prior to registering them for First Communion.

Typically, children prepare over the course of 2nd grade and receive these sacraments in the spring. We recognize the uniqueness of each child and understand that this may happen later than 2nd grade, depending on the child’s individual needs and the family’s situation. It is never too late for your child to begin preparing to receive the sacraments. Please contact us about the timing of these sacraments for your child if you have any questions.

Families may register their child for these sacraments in the fall when they register for Faith Formation. Families who have their children enrolled in Catholic schools need only register for “Catholic School Students - First Communion Prep” in 2nd grade. Because your child receives formal religious education as part of their school curriculum, we do not require that they participate in our weekly Faith Formation Program, though they are more than welcome to do so.

Above all, it is our expectation that families are active participants in our Sunday liturgies and classroom instruction throughout the year. Consistent class attendance is required in order for a child to be on track to receive the sacraments. Please consider a child’s sport and extracurricular schedule and ensure that your family can commit to the Faith Formation program at this time. If there are other circumstances that might impact your child’s attendance, please contact us upon registering so that we can make necessary arrangements. After three unexplained absences, families will be contacted about their child’s wellbeing and the family’s intention to remain in the Faith Formation program.

Additional preparation for these two sacraments includes a parent/child catechesis retreat prior to the reception of the sacraments. First Reconciliation generally occurs during Lent. First Eucharist occurs on the first two Saturdays in May in English and on a Sunday during May in Spanish. First Eucharist preparation also includes a mandatory rehearsal prior to your child’s First Communion celebration. Families are asked to select the First Eucharist celebration in which they would like to participate at the beginning of the Faith Formation program year.

Primera Comunión

Para ser elegible para recibir la Primera Confesión y la Primera Comunión, el niño ó la niña debe  estar al menos en Segundo Grado y haber recibido por lo menos un año de preparación religiosa.

Es necesario proveer una copia del certificado de bautismo de cada niño ó niña que desee recibir la Primera Comunión. El certificado debe entregarse a la Ofician de Formación en la Fé.  Los niños  y niñas que fueron bautizados en San Ignacio NO necesitan proveer este documento. Si su niña o niño todavîa no ha sido bautizado, por favor, contacte, 617-552-6103, ó Berta Alvarado (en español, 617-653-7602).


La Misa en Español en que se celebrarán las Primeras Comuniones este año será el 9 de mayo a las 12:00pm en la Capilla.  Si su familia prefiere que su niña ó niño reciba la Primera Comunión con la Comunidad en Inglés, puede hacerlo los sábados 2 de mayo a las 10:00am en la iglesia de arriba.

La elección de la Misa en que se recibirá la Primera Comunión ha de hacerse al comienzo del programa en Septiembre.

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