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We are coming together in Pamplona for the beginning of the Camino; some today and others in the morning. We were all greeted by the warmth of the Spanish sun (105 degrees today).

In the cool of the evening some of us visited the site of Ignatius’ “cannonball moment” where he was injured in the Battle of Pamplona in 1521. The statue near the site depicts a wounded Ignatius being carried by French soldiers to his family home in Loyola. Behind this statue you can see the Iglesia de San Ignacio. Inside the church, we were invited to evening prayer.

You can see the image behind the altar which is a replica of the painting that belonged to Ignatius’ sister-in-law Magdalena. During his recovery at Loyola, he prayed constantly with this image of Mary which he would treasure throughout his life.

Sending prayers from Iglesia de San Ignacio in Pamplona, to our community at home, St. Ignatius of Loyola Church, Chestnut Hill. May we all notice more deeply how God redirects our gaze amidst a wound, a difficult cannonball moment, or even a quiet call.

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What a beautiful image! Know my prayers are with you as you journey. Be well and enjoy!

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