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Due no later than TWO WEEKS before your wedding

Music Fee

The additional music fee of $475. The music fee includes Organist/Keyboards and Cantor. Our Music Director, Allyn McCourt, will assign one of our resident professional cantors as well as an organ/piano accompaniment for every wedding.

Additional Instrumentalists Request

The music will be full and complete with organ/piano and voice, but we have a good roster of professional musicians should you be interested in an additional instrumentalist. The addition of a violin/viola with the cantor and keyboards is popular for weddings, but we also have cello, trumpet, oboe, guitar, and flute available. The fee for each added instrumentalist begins at $250, depending on the instrument. If you were interested booking any additional singer or musician, please email Allyn McCourt no later than two weeks before your wedding. All music requests, including outside musicians and/or singers, must be reviewed and approved with Allyn.

Music Selections

Music for the Liturgy should be sacred. All music for Wedding Ceremonies and Nuptial Masses are required to follow the Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy and the Diocese guidelines. The order of service varies slightly depending on whether you are having a Nuptial Mass or Wedding Ceremony.


In the section below, listen to our available options, organized by the parts of the Mass. You may also submit any other option that's not listed for approval.

Thank you! We'll process your request shortly.

Ave MariaSchubert
00:00 / 02:20
00:00 / 02:58
RhosymedreVaughan Williams
00:00 / 01:45
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